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Elias Roberts
Elias Roberts
Drew is a great communicator and really has a wealth of knowledge; I had probably gone too long on my last pump out and could not remember where my septic tank was exactly. They found it with ease and cleaned it out for me I am very happy with the service.
Janet McKinnon
Janet McKinnon
Drew and his crew recently replaced my outdated perimeter drainage system in record time! He was always quick to respond and follow up. A big shout out to his awesome crew.
Yevhenii Potarochenko
Yevhenii Potarochenko
Amazing guys. They did the exterior perimeter drain, which was super clean and professional with good price and quality. Thank you, highly recommend
Ray Stewart
Ray Stewart
Great job installing my septic tank and clearing and flushing my sewer and drainage lines.
Andrius Gruodis
Andrius Gruodis
I had them help me deal with some drainage issues for my property out in Swartz Bay. I did not know they cleaned and pumped septic tanks, either, so we went ahead and did that as well. Thanks again.
Brandon Spencer
Brandon Spencer
I had Drew's crew install the perimeter drains for my new shop. I live in Cordova Bay I'm really happy with the job they did.
Hydrovac Services
Hydrovac Crew Hard At Work In The Saanich Peninsula

Reliable & Effective Hydro-Vac Services In Saanich & Victoria

In Victoria, hydro-vac services are revolutionizing the way excavation is performed, merging safety with cutting-edge technology. Hydro-vac, a modern excavation method, utilizes high-pressure water to break up soil, which is then removed by a powerful vacuum system. This technique stands out for its precision and efficiency, ensuring that underground utilities and sensitive infrastructure remain undamaged during excavation. Recognized for its intrinsic safety and environmental friendliness, hydro-vac is increasingly preferred in the construction industry, particularly in complex or delicate environments where traditional digging poses risks.

What is Hydro-Vac Excavation?

Hydro-vac excavation utilizes a combination of high-pressure water and vacuum technology to safely and efficiently dig through soil and other materials. This non-invasive method ensures that the surrounding infrastructure, especially underground utilities, remain intact and undamaged. Hydro-vac is notably advantageous in reducing environmental impact and enhancing worker safety, making it a preferred choice in various industries.

Real-World Applications of Hydro-Vac Services


In the construction industry around Victoria and Saanich, hydro-vac excavation is employed to lay foundations and prepare sites with minimal disruption to the existing landscape. This method is especially crucial in urban areas where space is limited and precision is necessary.


For telecommunications, hydro-vac is used to install underground cables and repair existing networks without the risk of damaging sensitive lines. This technology ensures that upgrades and maintenance can be carried out quickly and without extensive downtime.

Electrical Utilities

In the realm of electrical utilities, hydro-vac helps in safely exposing and maintaining buried electrical lines, thereby preventing outages and ensuring the reliability of power distribution networks in Victoria and Saanich.



Plumbers utilize hydro-vac to clear blockages and perform repairs on underground pipes. This method provides a non-destructive alternative to traditional digging, avoiding potential damage to pipes and associated infrastructure.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas sector benefits from hydro-vac through the safe installation and maintenance of pipelines. Hydro-vac excavation helps in avoiding environmental hazards while dealing with highly sensitive materials.

Municipal Services

Municipal services use hydro-vac for everything from cleaning sewers and catch basins to managing public utilities. This method supports ongoing maintenance and emergency response efforts across municipal regions, ensuring public systems operate smoothly without interruptions.

In all these applications, hydro-vac services in Victoria and Saanich stand out for their efficiency and safety, proving essential in maintaining the integrity and functionality of critical infrastructure.

Our Hydro-Vac Services

Utility Daylighting

Need to locate and expose underground utilities for repair, maintenance, or new installations? Hydrovac safely removes soil around pipes and cables, minimizing disruption and keeping them protected.

Non-Destructive Excavation

Unlike traditional excavation methods that can damage buried infrastructure, hydro-vac allows for precise potholing and trenching without harming utilities.

Catch Basin Cleaning

Over time, catch basins accumulate debris and sediment. Hydrovac effectively removes this buildup, ensuring proper drainage and preventing backups.

High Pressure Jetting

This utilizes highly pressurized water jets to clean and clear clogged pipes and drains, often used in conjunction with hydro-vac for a complete solution.

Mainline Flushing

Similar to jetting, mainline flushing focuses specifically on cleaning out sewer lines, using high pressure to remove obstructions and maintain clear sewage pathways.

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