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Elias Roberts
Elias Roberts
Drew is a great communicator and really has a wealth of knowledge; I had probably gone too long on my last pump out and could not remember where my septic tank was exactly. They found it with ease and cleaned it out for me I am very happy with the service.
Janet McKinnon
Janet McKinnon
Drew and his crew recently replaced my outdated perimeter drainage system in record time! He was always quick to respond and follow up. A big shout out to his awesome crew.
Yevhenii Potarochenko
Yevhenii Potarochenko
Amazing guys. They did the exterior perimeter drain, which was super clean and professional with good price and quality. Thank you, highly recommend
Ray Stewart
Ray Stewart
Great job installing my septic tank and clearing and flushing my sewer and drainage lines.
Andrius Gruodis
Andrius Gruodis
I had them help me deal with some drainage issues for my property out in Swartz Bay. I did not know they cleaned and pumped septic tanks, either, so we went ahead and did that as well. Thanks again.
Brandon Spencer
Brandon Spencer
I had Drew's crew install the perimeter drains for my new shop. I live in Cordova Bay I'm really happy with the job they did.
Drainage / Peremiter Drains & Water Proofing
Drainage & Water Proofing Services

What Does A Drainage Company Do?

Drainage companies, such as Saanich Peninsula Sewer & Drainage play a critical role as defenders against unwanted water intrusion around residential and commercial properties. When it comes to drainage our main goal is to ensure that water is properly channeled away from structures, thus preventing potential flooding and safeguarding the building’s foundation. The services we provide can be broadly categorized into installation, maintenance, repair, and inspection.

Installation: Drainage specialists design and construct systems tailored to efficiently redirect water away from your property. This includes the installation of perimeter drains, French drains, catch basins, and rainwater leader systems, which are essential for managing surface and sub-surface water.

Maintenance: To ensure these systems operate effectively, drainage companies carry out regular maintenance activities. This typically involves cleaning out any blockages in drains or gutters and removing debris that might impede water flow.

Repair: Drainage systems can sometimes suffer from clogs, cracks, or damage caused by tree roots. In such cases, a drainage company is equipped to perform repairs using methods like drain snaking, trenching, or pipe lining to restore proper function.

Inspection: With the aid of specialized camera technology, these companies are able to inspect underground pipes. This allows them to identify and diagnose issues without the need for extensive excavation, offering a non-intrusive solution to managing drainage health.

Specific Drainage Services We Offer

At Saanich Peninsula Sewer & Drainage, we specialize in comprehensive solutions that ensure water is effectively diverted away from your property, thus preventing flooding and protecting your foundation. Here is a detailed overview of the specific drainage services we provide to residents and businesses in the Saanich and Victoria areas:

Rain Water
Leader Systems

We provide comprehensive services for rainwater leader systems, which include gutters and downspouts that channel rainwater from your roof and direct it away from your foundation. Our team handles installation, cleaning, and repairs of these systems, ensuring they are free of obstructions and functioning efficiently.

Perimeter Drains and French Drains

We design and install perimeter and French drains, which are essential for collecting water around your property’s foundation and directing it safely away. These systems typically consist of gravel-filled channels or perforated pipes that effectively capture and redirect water, ensuring your foundation remains dry.

Lateral Inspections

Our inspection services focusing on sewer laterals, are the crucial pipes that link your house’s plumbing to the municipal sewer line or your private septic system. Regular inspection of these laterals is vital to ensure they are functioning correctly, as this prevents sewage backups and ensures effective drainage away from your property.

Catch Basins

We install and maintain catch basins, which are strategically placed to collect water runoff before it enters the broader drainage system. These basins also help trap debris, preventing it from clogging the drainage pipes, which is vital for maintaining clear and effective water flow.

California Drains

Similar to French drains, California drains are specifically suited for areas with clay soils, which are prevalent in parts of the Saanich Peninsula. These perforated pipes are buried to intercept water at the sub-surface level, aiding in proper soil drainage and preventing water saturation.


Although primarily focused on drainage, our expertise also extends to servicing water supply lines. This includes the maintenance and repair of pipes that deliver clean water to your home, ensuring both quality and reliability.

Sewer Laterals

We offer specialized services for sewer laterals, the crucial pipeline that connects your property to the municipal sewer system. Our team performs inspections, repairs, and replacements as needed to keep this connection secure and functional, preventing any potential health hazards or property damage.

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